DiPocket Prepaid Debit MasterCard EUR (2017)

BIN: 545598 Kartenfolgenummer der ersten Karte: 0 App Label: MasterCard App Preferred Name: – App Priority Indicator: 01 App Currency Code: Euro Country Code: 0616 / Poland Language Preference: plen Effective Date: 01/05/2017 Expiration Date: 31/05/2020 Application Usage: International Cashback nicht allowed Name des Karteninhabers: LASTNAME/FIRSTNAME Offline-Transaktionen: Nur kontaktlos (Service Code: 221; LCOL €10; UCOL […]

Bank Pekao Debit MasterCard Young (2016)

BIN: 557524 Kartenfolgenummer der ersten Karte: 1 App Label: DEBIT MASTERCARD App Preferred Name: (keiner) App Currency Code: 985 (Polnischer Zloty) Issuer Country Code: 616 (Polen) Language Preference: plen Effective Date: 01/09/2016 Application Usage: Cashback nicht zugelassen Name des Karteninhabers: ? Offline-Transaktionen: Ja (Service Code: 206 – Chip card; no restrictions; PIN preferred; LCOL zł100; […]

Cinkciarz.pl Visa PLN Currency Card (2015)

The reviewed card was issued in October 2015. BIN: 400256 Currency Code: ? Country Code: ? Cardholder Name Format: ? Offline Transactions Supported: No (Service code: 126? (International without chip, online authorisation, PIN preferred?)) NFC: No 3D Secure: ? PIN Change Supported: Yes (Fee of PLN 2) Balance Inquiry Supported: Yes (Fee of PLN 1.50) […]